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How to increase MacBook battery – How to optimize MacBook Pro battery – How to perform MacBook battery maintenance

Optimize macbook battery life
New York Computer Help tips to maintain your MacBook battery

Let’s face it, MacBooks stay on for a long time.  They last longer than most PCs, iPhones, and probably are only trumped by iPad batteries.  That being said, your MacBook battery won’t last forever.  As phone batteries, they will degrade over time and eventually not work at all.

You can perform maintenance on your MacBook battery to optimize its battery life and performance.  Here’s how:

  • Discharge it – On a monthly basis, you should let your battery go all the way to zero and then charge it fully to 100%.  This will train your battery to go the full distance upon a charge.  If you constantly charge it back up before it reaches zero, it may short you, only giving you 80 or 90 percent of the actually battery juice you have.
  • Storage tip – If you’re not using your Mac for a 6-month or longer period, don’t just put it aside.  Keep your Mac battery at a 50% charge to ensure it won’t lose capacity or go into a deep discharge state.  Also, make sure your temperature stays at a constant level within 20-30 degrees.
  • Calibrate it – Plug your power adapter in and fully charge it.  Let is overcharge for 2 hours, disconnect your power adapter and let it go down to zero and then charge it fully again.

These three tips will allow to adequately support your MacBook so the battery gets the most juice and life possible.  If you still find that your MacBook battery is failing, then you should replace it.

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