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How to increase your iPhone / iPad battery life – iPhone / iPad computer service

Your battery goes fast on the iPhone and iPad, more so on the iPhone.  The iPad can last for days, sometimes up to a week while the iPhone is lucky to get a full day’s worth of a battery.%image_alt%  With all batteries, they will deplete over time if you don’t treat it right.  With that being said, I’m here, at your apple service, to help maximize your iPhone and iPad batteries.

How to maximize your iPhone and iPad battery life:

  1. No sunbathing – keep your devices out of the sun when in the car, at the beach, or in the summer sun.  This is the fastest way to lose your battery charge entirely.%image_alt%
  2. Lower brightness settings – Also, set aut0-brightness to on by going to Settings->brightness.  Full brightness eats the battery life very quickly.
  3. Connect via WiFi when possible – The 3G connection will give you 5 hours of battery life whereas WiFi will give you 10 hours.  So, if you’re not using the Internet, turn disable 3G by going to Settings->General->Network->Enable 3G = Off.  Or just turn your WiFi Network on when in range of a wireless hotspot computer service.
  4. Disable bluetooth – Another battery burner, bluetooth should be disabled.

These tech support steps will significantly increase the battery life of your iPhone and iPad, more notably the iPhone.

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