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How to install Chrome OS – Easiest way to install Chrome operating system

Easy steps to install Chrome operating system

Sick of Windows or Mac?  You can turn your netbook, ultrabook, or laptop into a speedy Chromebook!  You just need to install Google’s Chrome operating system and away you go!

Okay, so how do you install the Chrome OS?  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a 4GB USB thumb drive or higher.  You’ll need to burn the Chrome OS to it.  You cannot download it directly to your computer.
  2. Burn Hexxeh’s Vanilla Chromium OS build and put it right on your USB drive.
  3. Back up your Mac or PC files.
  4. Create your Bootable Flash Drive.  Format your USB drive to FAT32, unzip the Hexxeh’s build to your desktop.  Windows users can use Windows image writer to write the image to your flash drive.  Start up the program and you’ll have a bootable USB drive.  Mac users can run: sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter in the Terminal.
  5. Restart your computer and boot up to your USB drive. 
  6. Install Chrome.

That’s it – Apple support geniuses and Microsoft techies need not apply here.  Just a few steps and your operating system is a fast one in Chrome!

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