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How to install MetaTrader 4 trading platform on your Mac

How to install Metatrader 4 on MacMetaTrader 4 has long been considered the best trading platform available. But there is one massive disadvantage. It was designed for Windows, and has not had web or Mac functionality. WIth more and more traders using MacBooks, this has become increasingly problematic; now MetaTrader 4 for Mac is finally available through Admiral Markets.

Formerly, it was possible to use MetaTrader 4 on a Mac by installing Windows on your Apple laptop. This is obviously a big hassle, and it slows down Mac’s quick and intuitive OS X. Admiral Market’s MetaTrader 4 for Mac circumvents this by emulating the Windows app.

You’ll have all the functionality the Windows app provides. Here is how to easily install MetaTrader 4 for Mac.

Download the software

Start by downloading the app from Admiral Markets. It is an emulated app, which makes it heavier than the lightweight Windows app. It will take up around 200 MB of hard drive space.

Once it’s downloaded, you install it in the same way you’d install any Mac application. Simply drag it from Finder and drop into the Applications folder. Congrats. The basic software is installed.


Mac OS X will not open any software not downloaded from the Apple app store without the administrator giving it permission. To do this, click on the Apple icon in the left upper corner of your screen, select System Preferences, and click on Security and Privacy. Click on the padlock in the lower left corner and enter your computer’s sign in password. Then you will be allowed to edit your permissions.

Installing Expert Advisors, indicators and scripts

Once the basic software has been installed, you’ll want to install additional tools as well, including Expert Advisors (EAs), indicators and scripts. This too is quite simple.

Open the application folder and right click on AdmiralMarkets MT4. Then click on Show Package Contents.

Double click on “drive_c”. Place your EAs, indicators and scripts into the MetaTrader file structure.

Be careful with EAs

Although Expert Advisors are available on MetaTrader 4 for Mac, it is recommended that you don’t use them. Because it is quite hard to emulate Expert Advisors they may be inaccurate or unstable.


Admiral Markets’ MetaTrader 4 for Mac has the same features as the regular Windows software, including:

  • Live Quotes
  • 1-Click-Trading
  • Multiple Time Frames
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Customizable Indicators
  • All the trading capabilities you need

The software is relatively heavy – although can 200 MB be considered heavy any more? – the features work just as well on a Mac.

Installing MetaTrader 4 for Mac from Admiral Markets is easy. You no longer have to go through the complicated process of loading Windows onto your Mac, or installing it through Wine. Using a MacBook should not be an obstacle to trading Forex. Download MetaTrader 4 for Mac to ensure an equal footing.

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