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How to install TV on wall with no cables – How to install TV and hide cables

%image_alt%Installing a flat TV on the wall is not the problem.  It’s the cables that get messy.  The fun part is buying the plasma or LCD TV.  You get it mounted on the wall and then you’re left with a mess of wires running to your cable box, stereo, DVD, and other equipment.  How can you make it all cable-free?

Here’s how to install your TV on the wall without any messy cables:

  1. Buy a brand new TV.  My technical expert reviews lead me to recommending Samsung.  It’s up to date and can handle lots of HDMI cables and it can be 3-D on some models.
  2. Buy a mount.  Best Buy is a good place to go to or buy online.  Make sure it can support your size of TV and go with a swivel mount.  It will be easier to deal with the cables behind the TV.
  3. Install the mount.  Follow the mount instructions to secure into the wall.
  4. Drill baby, drill!  A drill will be needed for those savvy tech support folks.  If you are placing your equipment on a shelf below the TV, drill 2 holes, one wear the TV will be placed and one in back of the shelving.  If you have a nearby closet to store your equipment, then just drill a hole where the TV will go and one in your closet to snake the cables through.
  5. Set up equipment.  Place all your equipment on your shelf or in the closet.  Connect the cables and use wire wraps and/or cable runners to make the cables neat.  You can also use a network cable staple gun if running the wires along your wall base board.  Or you can just snake the cables in the back of the base board.
  6. Control your TV.  If you have your equipment in a concealed closet which is the way to go, then you’ll need a remote control extender to access it.  This ranges from $30 – $50 online.  No need to call in a heavy-duty contractor for this easy piece to the puzzle.  This will let you  control your TV and equipment through your closet up to 100 feet away.

That’s it.  6 simple steps and you can install your TV and equipment without the messy cables.  No technology support person is needed for this.  Maybe just handy man for the drill part if you’re not comfortable with that step.  The hardest part is remembering which cables go to which connectors.  Although it will take more time, you can color label the connections to make it easier for you.

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