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How to jailbreak your iPhone 5 – Easiest way to jailbreak your iPhone 5 – Should I jailbreak my iPhone 5? – NYC iPhone 5 jailbreak

NYC iPhone 5 jailbreak

First of all, jailbreaking is legal for iPhones.  It is not legal for iPads.  That being said, Apple support has the last word in deeming your device void if it is jailbroken.  That means it will not fix your broken iPhone 5 screen if it is jailbroken.  But, you can easily remove the jailbreak app to get it back into warranty.  Keep in mind that piracy, or downloading free apps instead of rightfully paying for them is, in fact, illegal.

Without all the legalities out of the way, let’s move on to why you would want to jailbreak your iPhone 5.  Cydia, the jailbreaking app, allows you to use a slew of different apps that are not found in the Apple store.  You can customize your theme, background, and overall settings in a more personalized way too.

Here’s how you can easily jailbreak your iPhone 5:

  1. You’ll first need a PC or Mac at Windows XP and Mac OS 10.5 at a respective minimum.
  2. Make sure your iPhone 5 is running either iOS 6.0 or 6.1.
  3. Connect your iPhone 5 to your computer via USB cable.
  4. Make sure to back up your iPhone via iTunes, iCloud, or manually copy over your important photos, videos, files, etc.
  5. Remove your passcode if you have one.
  6. Go to the EvasiOn site and download your appropriate computer software download for the jailbreak.
  7. Connect your iPhone 5 to your computer and launch the EvasiOn download link.  Select Jailbreak.
  8. Wait until prompted to launch Jailbreak App on your iPhone.  Launch iPhone Jailbreak App.
  9. Wait for iPhone 5 to reboot to home screen and it will be done.
  10. Launch Cydia and wait for it to install and reboot your phone.
  11. Launch Cydia again and install tweaks.  Congrats, you’re done!

You really don’t have to an NYC iPhone 5 expert or iPhone 5 hacker to run these easy steps.  It should take you just about 5-10 minutes and your done.  That being said, we take no responsibility for any issues that may occur to your iPhone from following the above steps.  If you are too scared to take care of the jailbreak process, feel free to contact us and have one of our iPhone 5 jailbreak experts take care of it.Get iPhone 5 jailbroken nyc

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