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How to lock iPad screen orientation – How to stop iPad screen from rotating – How to lock iPad landscape mode – How to lock iPad portrait mode

The Apple support for your iPad could get a little aggressive sometimes.  You know, it may try to thing a couple steps ahead, such as asking if you want to copy text if you highlight it.  Or if you misspell an email, it will offer suggestions of the correct words.  It will also try to go to landscape or portrait orientation if it thinks you’re turning it for the other view.  That overly aggressive move could get annoying.  If you’re just moving it a little bit to get a better grip or showing it to someone else, you don’t need it to change screen orientation.

How can you lock the iPad from changing the screen orientation?

  1. Hold the iPad in the screen orientation you want.  Portrait or landscape.
  2. Press the home button twice.
  3. Swipe lower multi-task tray all the way to the right.
  4. Press the bottom-left button to lock the screen orientation.

You can reverse the steps to unlock your screen orientation mode.  That wasn’t so intricate, was it?

Why would you want to lock your iPad screen orientation mode? This is great for keeping the screen steady for presentations, kids, movies, videos, on the go, and games that require lots of motion.  This iPad service trick is a good one to keep in your computer support tool chest.

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