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How to make iPhone 5 spin on its own – Auto video on iPhone 5 – How to take auto panoramic video on iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has some cool tricks.  Let me rephrase that, the iPhone 5 apps store has some cool tricks.  There is one that is called Cycloramic which will actually have the iPhone 5 do a 360-degree circle on its own!

Apart from it being a cool ice breaker or party favor, it actually has some good iPhone service functionality to it.

Here’s how to use Cycloramic.  First of all, you can only use it on the iPhone 5.  It won’t work or may cause iPhone issues on other versions.  Then, take of your iPhone 5’s clothes.  Totally naked – no bumper, case, no nothing!  Then, download the app for a buck, and run it.  It will make a complete circle in the span of 30 seconds.  You can have it do 2 – 3 turns and use the front or back camera.  During that time, you will be able to take a video which it in essence a scan of the entire room.  One caveat is that audio is not recorded so no sound which is a bummer.  But, the sound would probably be muffled at best since the iPhone is essentially vibrating to turn and the sound would be drowned out.

Why is this something to put in your technology support war chest?  It’s great for parties to get the full picture and vibe of the room.  It easily takes a panoramic video on its own so nobody is left out of the 30-second movie.

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