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How to make your Mac last – Mac maintenance support – NYC Mac maintenance

NYC Mac Maintenance
Need to perform maintenance on your Mac or Mac network? Contact New York Computer Help. 212-599-0339

Want to keep your Mac last as long as possible?  There are things you can do to ensure your Mac will love a long and fruitful life.  Sure, you can never guard against the freak power surge or accidental water spill, but the things we can control will help assuming no strange isolated Mac issues occur.

Hardware – When you first buy your Mac, upgrade to the most optimal components, max out RAM, processor, and hard drive size.  Why?  These components will allow you to upgrade to future operating systems, not ruling your system obsolete.  Plus, it will be able to easily handle programs and not require any complete Mac repair service overhaul.

Power source – Make sure to connect your Mac to a power strip or surge protector.  This will prevent power surges and spikes.  Also, you should perform a battery calibration on your Mac every few months or so.

Keyboard – Don’t hammer away on your keys.  This could cause touch sensitivity issues in the future.  Be kind to your Mac.

Dirt – Clean away any dirt or grit that is hovering on the keyboard and vents.  this could causing overheating or key issues over time.

Power button – Don’t hold down the power button to turn it off.  That could cause a Mac OS X operating system issuea.

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