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How To Measure A Monitor

Monitors come in various sizes and styles anywhere from 12 inches to 65 inches. Laptop screens also come in varying sizes ranging from 11.6 inches to 17 inches. 

When we talk about the size of a monitor we deal with the diagonal width of the screen using this we can find out the other dimensions as well. Although there are many kinds of monitors on the market, such as desktop office monitors, gaming monitors, transparent monitors, and so on, the methods to measure the sizes of the monitors are the same.

Knowing the size to build an appropriate unit or to hang it in the proper place is important.

Ways To Measure A Monitor Size

Measure A Monitor Size Using Screen

Take a scale or a measuring tape. Start from the top left corner and end at the bottom right. This will give you the diagonal length of the monitor screen.

In case if you are using the ultrawide monitors then you might need to check the specifications of the monitor to know the size.

Side Note – when measuring the laptop screen measure only the screen part and not the Brezel (plastic or metallic edge ).

Measure A Monitor Size Using Model Number

Search your monitor for the model number and brand (usually at the bottom or behind the screen ). 

Then go to google and search specifications of the same. At times the model number itself can give hints about the size for example if the model number is S201HL the 20 after the S stands for it being 20 inches. This is the usual convention but it is recommended to still use google for better results.

Measure A Monitor Size By Checking Specification

When you buy a monitor online or from your local vendor a brochure comes along with it. This enlists the specifications of the product. While reading this somewhere in the fine print there will be mention of its diagonal size.

Measure A Monitor Size On Its Box

Check the box in which the monitor came. The size will be written there as well.

Measure A Monitor Size Using Settings

When measuring the screen of a laptop you can go to the settings and then to about the laptop option or the “screen” or “display”. Here the screen size will be mentioned. Now that you know the diagonal of your monitor it is time to find the height and width.

The recommended method is to measure using a measuring tape or scale. But in case you wish to find out using mathematical formulas you need to know the aspect ratio of your screen.

( Aspect Ratio –  It is the proportionality between height and width and is constant but not enough to know the actual height and width of the monitor. )

  • Diagonal = D
  • Aspect Ratio = AR
  • Height = D / √ (AR²+1)
  • Width= AR * Height

Now you know all about the size of your monitor screen. If you feel any problem or difficulty then feel free to ask us in the comment section for remote tech support. We would love to help you as soon as possible.

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