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How to move emails to Office 365 – Easiest way to migrate to Office 365 – Office 365 migration how-to

In case you haven’t heard, Office 365 is the cool kid on the block now.  Yes, you can still buy your regular Office 2013 or

Email support in NYC -
Email support in NYC –

other editions for your computer.  But, if you want to go Office in the cloud, Office 365 is the way to go.  With that, you’ll also be able to use your iPhone or Android, iPad, and other mobile devices to easily view and work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

So, the next step is how do you get all your emails, whether on Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, Earthlink, FatCow, AOL or another email account over to Office 365?

All you need to know here is YippieMove This strange-sounding name costs $15 and with one click of the button, will migrate all of your emails over.  All you need to do is click, take a long break since it does take awhile, and then be ready to work on your new email account.

YippieMove’s secret sauce is the IMAP interface within email accounts.  It is able to migrate the emails by linking the old and new IMAP interfaces together.  That being said, if your old or new email account doesn’t have IMAP, such as Hotmail and Comcast, you’re out of luck.  But, most others have IMAP to work with.

So, there’s no need to hire an email specialist, email expert, or other IT email guru.  YippieMove is your man!

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