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How to move old iPad data plan to new iPad 2? nyc ipad repair

%image_alt%So, you bought the data plan from the original iPad.  Happy times.  But, wait…you just bought the iPad 2 and are not sure how to bring across the data plan. Is it lost?  Do you have to cancel it and start a new one?  Aren’t there early cancellation fees for that?

Don’t worry, our iPad repair experts got the info from Apple support to make your data plan migration easy.

Here’s how to move your data plan to the iPad 2:

  1. Turn off Cellular Data – On the iPad 1, go to Settings app->Cellular Data and turn off.
  2. Turn off both iPads – Hold down Sleep/Wake button and swipe slider to right.
  3. Remove SIM cards – Use a paper clip or the SIM-removal tool that came with your iPad and eject the Micro-SIM %image_alt%card on the left-hand side of the iPads.
  4. Swap SIM cards – Insert the iPad 1 Micro-SIM card into the iPad 2.  Also, insert the iPad 2’s card into the iPad 1.
  5. Turn on Cellular Data – Power on the iPad 2, go to Settings app->Cellular Data and turn on.

You may be prompted to connect to iTunes after following the above steps.  If so, connect your iPad to your computer; launch iTunes, and this will reactivate the new SIM card.

This method to move the iPad data plan is the easiest way, and you don’t have to be an Apple certified expert to do it.

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