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How to play Windows Media Player on a Mac? How to play windows video on a Mac? Easiest way to play Windows movies on a Mac?

%image_alt%Here’s my dilemma.  My wife wants to watch Israeli movies at home.  My challenge is that I have a Mac connected to our TV for Internet browsing, videos, music, etc.  Oh yeah, all the Israeli movie and sitcom sites are just in Windows Media format, or .wma and .wmv.  So, they’re just made for Windows computers.  How can I play these Windows videos on my Mac?

Yes, I can install Windows on my Mac via Parallels or VMWare.  But, I’m not a big believer in doing this.  If you buy a Mac, stick with a Mac and don’t turn it into some quasi 2-headed Mac / PC machine.  So, if you try to play a Windows video on a Mac, it will tell you it’s not supported with no further details.

The easiest way to play Windows videos on a Mac is to download Flip4Mac Just how it sounds, it instantly turns Windows-supported videos into Mac-playable videos.  Voila!  It’s free too which is pretty amazing.  I would have paid top dollar to make the wifey happy on this one.

How does Flip4Mac work?  Just download it on your Mac, make sure it’s the most updated version.  Also, make sure your QuickTime player is updated.  Then, you just play the Windows video in QuickTime Player.  That’s it.  You are now able to watch your Windows video on your Mac.  Pretty cool, right?

Of course, you have to find a valid website with good links and no computer viruses I’ll leave that part up to you.  But, when you come across a Windows video or movie, now you know how to play it on your Mac.  Mac geniuses or Apple experts need not apply here.  As long as you know how to download files, you can make this work too.

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