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How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer

How to post computer photos to Instagram

Yup, I found a hack for this. If you’re not aware, you can only post photos from your phone to Instagram. Well, until now. It bothered me for awhile and now I have a fix for this. This way, if you have a cool image on your computer, you can post it directly to Instagram. I’m loving this. It’s quick to set up. So, I’m providing this to you. I’m sure you’ll love it to.

Please bear with the grainy photos. I got so excited about finding this hack that I just took pictures from my iPhone and uploaded them. Hey, I didn’t want to waste time with taking computer screenshots and editing them. The faster you get this, the faster you can hack Instagram!

Here’s how to hack your Instagram so you can post photos from your computer:

First, open up Google Chrome. Then, Log into your Instagram account. Don’t worry, these are all baby steps to follow.

How to hack Instagram to post photos from your computer

2. Next, right-click the blank space on the page and select Inspect.

Steps to post computer photos to Instagram

3. Afterwards, click the phone / tablet icon which is on the top-left of the Inspect box. The Inspect box is the one that has all the html code-looking text.

Use Chrome to post photos from Instagram computer

4. Almost there, promise. Then, reload the page by clicking the Refresh icon on the top-left of your browser.

Instagram computer posting

5. Finally, you’ll be able to click the Add Image icon. You’ll find this by scrolling down a bit until you see the Plus sign like you would normally on your phone. Your cursor will look like a gray circle. But, don’t worry, it’s fully active and able to click the Add image icon.

Last step is to click the plus sign or the Add Image icon

That’s it. Just a few steps and you’re on your way to posting Instagram photos from your Mac or PC. A no-fuss tech support guide and you no longer have to sync or transfer photos back and forth from your computer to your phone. I know we’ll be using this a lot for our New York Computer Help Instagram account. Hope you can use it for yours also! Have fun and your welcome!

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