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How to prevent laptop overheating – how to cool down your laptop – stop laptop overheating

%image_alt%The summer brings to the city tremendous heat.  Not just warm weather, but humidity upon humidity.  Go the beach for relief.  But, what can your laptop do when it’s hot?  Spray some compressed air into it?  That’s temporary at best.

Here’s the best way to keep your laptop cool if it’s in hot conditions or is starting to overheat:

  1. Laptop cooling fan – Your laptop internal fan is there to dissipate internal warm air.  But, it doesn’t fare well when external heat may arise from your apartment or outside.  For that, get a $30-$40 laptop cooling fan or pad that lays underneath your laptop.  Buy one that is USB powered to reduce cable clutter.  It filters cool air into your laptop and allows for better airflow with the additional raised height.  Plus, it gives your internal fan some relief and help at the same time.
  2. Don’t put it on your lap or bed – You stifle the air vents when you place it on your lap and bed covers.  Always place your laptop on a flat surface to allow hot air to pass through the fan vent or else your laptop and your legs will surely overheat.
  3. Stay in a cool environment – Try to stay in an air conditioned room and out of the sun.  If you’re cool, your laptop will feel comfortable too.
  4. Test your fan periodically – You can use SpeedFan as a free computer diagnostic test to ensure your fan is running okay.
  5. Blow out the air vents – Buy a $4 pressured can of air and blow out the vent where you fan is.  Chances are there is dust, debris, and maybe stuff from a late night party in there.  Having a good pass-through for your ventilation is key.
  6. Shut it down – If you’re not using it over the weekend or a few days, give it a rest and shut it down.  Your laptop needs to recharge its battery too.

Following these steps are great ways to prevent laptop overheating.  But, if you’re at the point of no return, and your laptop won’t turn on or gives you a laptop fan error, you can have an NYC laptop repair expert replace or fix the laptop fan for you.

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