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How to prevent Mac from going to sleep – Mac keeps turning off – Fix Mac sleep issue – Easiest way to prevent Mac from going to sleep

If you’re annoyed that your Mac keeps turning off by itself, don’t worry, there’s a Mac fix for that.  By default, the Mac will go into sleep mode if idle for a while.  This preserves the battery life and energy of your Mac.  You can tap the keyboard or move the cursor to awake your Mac from its slumber.NYC Mac sleep issue fix

But, what if you don’t want your Mac to go to sleep?  Going to sleep causes a delay in getting back to work, or play, on your Mac. 

Here’s how to quicken things up to prevent your Mac from going to sleep:

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Energy Saver
  2. Select Never to delay Sleep timing

That’s it.  No Mac experts need to apply here.  Just a 2-step process and your Mac stays awake!  Keep in mind that the more your Mac is up and about, the more energy it will use which could deplete the battery and other resources faster.

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