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How to properly eject your external hard drive – external hard drive recovery

Using an external hard drive is simple.  Plug it in to save files onto.  Then, remove it when done.  But, it the removal or%image_alt% eject process so easy?  The correct way is still very easy, but you should follow some easy steps to avoid external hard drive recovery or thumb drive recovery issues.

Here is how to properly eject an external hard drive in Windows:

  1. On the bottom-right of your screen, look for the green Eject icon.
  2. Hover with the cursor over it so it reads Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media.
  3. Click the Eject icon and then click on the option to eject your external device.

Here is how to properly eject and external hard drive on a Mac:%image_alt%

  1. Select your external hard drive on your Desktop by clicking it.
  2. Right click or Control (^) and click on it.
  3. Then, choose Eject from the pop-up menu

If you do not eject your external device first, you may have corrupted files, leading to not being able to open all files.  The Apple end is less forgiving where you may not be able to mount the external hard drive at all afterwards.

Why does this happen? Your external hard drive may be in the middle of saving files to memory or your computer.  Or if you have programs running from your external device, it may be constantly running.  Common programs I see running are automated backups running to the external drive.  Also, a lot of people will store their iTunes library on an external drive since their computer is running out of space.  If iTunes is running and you fail to eject the drive, you could lose your iTunes music library.

Take the extra 3 seconds to eject your drive next time to prevent disastrous file recovery or hard drive recovery.

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