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How to protect my computer from being hacked – Prevent PC / Mac from being hacked – Prevent password hack – Is my password hackable?

%image_alt%It is easy to hack a computer password if tried hard enough.  Well, that is, if you’re a bad person and have the tech tools to break a password.  That’s exactly what happened to the WIRED editor over one vulnerable weekend.

Here’s how to ensure your password is not hacked:

  1. Use at least 8 digits with numbers, symbols, capitals and lower-case letters.%image_alt%
  2. Make sure your Google account has the 2-step verification set up.  It links to many services that ties into your computer security in many ways.
  3. For extra security, use a password manager, such as LastPass, to create and manage passwords.  Don’t worry, you just have to remember one password, and LastPass remembers the rest.

A great way to see if your password is hackable is by going to this How secure is my password site.  Just type in your password and it will tell you how to further secure it.  It will even go as far as telling you how long it will take to hack your current password!

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