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How to quiet your PC – Make your PC quieter – PC too loud – PC repair NYC – Best / Easiest way to quiet your PC


Quiet down PC - PC too loud
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Does your PC sound like an airplane?  Or just once in a while make some puttering sounds to remind you that its there?  Maybe you just hear a humming noise that forces you to turn it off at night.  Whatever the case, you can do something to fix your annoying loud PC.

Here are some quick and cheap ways to quiet your PC:

  1. Absorb the sound.  Your tower may be rattling against your wood or hard floor.  Place a foam or rubber material in between your PC and floor.  A lot of times, this is all it takes to remove that vibrating noise you hear.  Walmart makes a nice foam flooring square for just $20.
  2. Insulate your tower case.  By using internal foam for your PC, you will dampen the internal noise of the fans, hard drives, and other rattling devices.  NewEgg makes a nice set for $16.
  3. Blow out!  Take a compressed can of air from Staples priced at $15 for 2, and blow out any dirt and debris stuck in the CPU fan, video card fan, and power supply fan.  This dirt may stop up the works or give you that rhythmic sound you’re hearing.

These are three easy ways to quiet your PC and all options are $20 or less.

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