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How to recover files from a formatted hard drive? – How to recover files after a Windows install – How to recover files after a system restore

%image_alt%Files just don’t magically disappear.  Typically, files are lost by what is termed, user error This is when a file is deleted by mistake or worse, Windows is reinstalled over your precious files.  Also, Dell tech support among other computer manufacturer phone operators have been known to instruct computer users to perform a system restore without making sure files are backed up.  Why?  File recovery is not in their job description!  Their job is to get the computer up and running. Yes, I’m digressing, but just showing that such mistakes may be caused by the user or possibly a rushed IT support phone operator.

Getting files back after a format or Windows reinstall is definitely possible, but a number of crucial steps must be taken to reduce jeopardizing your file recovery.

Here are the recover your files after a mistaken format / Windows reinstall / system restore:

  1. Do not save anything.  Do not go on the Internet.  Do not copy / paste.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200!  Do nothing!  The worst thing you can do is save new information on the hard drive when you ultimately want to revert back to saving old files.  New info could potentially save over old data; thus, wiping it out forever.
  2. Search for old folders.  You may have gotten lucky and just installed your second operating system parallel to your first.  If there was an operating system corruption before, your old files may still be there under a new profile account.  That means your My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and email may be stored in another folder.  Do a search for them and you might get lucky.  Make sure you locate everything before you start working again on your computer.
  3. Buy online data recovery software or go to a data recovery specialist?  This inevitable question will appear more times than not for file loss.  I’d recommend to go to a file recovery expert or data recovery team.  Well, not just anyone, but to an experienced IT recovery company who will only charge upon a successful recovery.  That way, you are ensured either success or your money back.  Plus, it will be much more effective to leverage the data recovery company’s multitude of data recovery strategies and experience versus paying a lump sum for a possible dud software.  Also, how many times will you be able to use your $100 data recovery software in the future.  Probably, none.  A good data recovery company will charge about $85 or maybe a little higher for data corruption.  That is the same or less than the good data recovery software out there, and should come with a guarantee of success.

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