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How to reduce eye strain on your iPhone? How to set up Night Shift in 2 easy steps.

end-iphone-eye-strain-night-shiftI’m constantly battling the brightness of my iPhone or lack thereof.  I’m a big iPhone user. If you see me, chances are, I’m looking down at my iPhone.  It’s a terrible habit.  Sometimes, I ask myself what am I even looking at.  The NY Post app alone is probably sick of me already.  So, my big challenge is not having my eyeballs fall off due to excessive iPhone viewing.

When I’m out at night or just checking out stuff on my iPhone in bed, I am always challenged to find the best brightness level.  You have to make it darker since the room or night is so dark.  But, you lose, the clarity and colors.  Now, with the new iOS 9.3, you can finally alleviate this mess and enable Night Shift, a new feature to adjust the colors and tint to still be present although you are dimming the back light of your iPhone.

Here’s how set up Night Shift on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings->Display & Brightness->Night Shift and turn it on.  You should play with the Color Temperature to see what you like better, Less Warm or More Warm.Night-Shift-Color-Temperature-how-to
  2. Then, Schedule when you’d like to turn on Night Shift.  I like this part.  I turn it on at 9PM after the kids are sleeping and it’s dark in my home.  Then, I turn it off at 6AM when I wake up.Night-shift-iphone-color-temperature

That’s it.  Two simple iPhone service steps to skip the appointment to the ophthalmologist or wearing computer glasses.  But, computer glasses are cool.  Alright, I’m a little biased.  Anyway, set up your Night Shift now to end the iPhone “too bright” dilemma.

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