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How to remember computer passwords – Keep track of computer passwords – Best password keeper – Best password software – Best way to store passwords

How to save passwords
Best way to organize your password and tune up your computer.

You try to have one password for everything.  It’s not the most secure way, but we all aim for that.  The problem is that for one reason or another, we’ll have to reset the password for senility’s sake, the website requesting better security, or otherwise.

There is an easy way to have all your computer passwords stored and that way you don’t have to remember them.  But, you have to know which program to use.  Don’t use your web browser to memorize them since they’re limited to certain websites.  You really need to find an actual software program to use, such as KeyPass, LastPass, Roboform, and Dashlane.

My favorite is Dashlane for its timesaving features, and plus, it’s free!  It’s PC support and Mac support compatible and works with all browsers.

So, what does Dashlane do as a password keeper?  It fills in the following automatically the following:

  • all credit cards
  • paypal
  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • job titles

Don’t worry, you won’t be hacked too easily with Dashlane’s AES-256 encryption which is government grade.  If you’re buying lots of products and feel you are constantly entering your address, this is a great program to use.  What’s really cool is it will save your stuff to your phone and mobile devices too.  That part is for an extra $20 per year which is well worth it.

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