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Remove your FBI virus quickly with New York Computer HelpYou’re infected with the FBI virus!  You must have been involved in illegal activity or some porn ring, right?  Contrary to what the message says on your computer, you’re a good person and this virus is pure evil.  So, don’t go calling your loved ones and making your last rights.

Here’s how to remove the FBI virus (a.k.a FBI Moneypak virus):

  1. Install and run the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.
  2. Update or install and run a free or paid version of antivirus software, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton, or McAfee.
  3. Restore your system to before when FBI virus infected your computer.  To do this, go to Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore.

If you are unable to run these programs or access your programs, then you’ll need to perform a manual virus removal, requiring an NYC virus removal specialist.  Mention CODE: FBIBLOG and get your virus removed for only $99.  Just drop into New York Computer Help at 53 East 34th Street, NY, NY 10016 any day of the week for your quick FBI virus removal.  Depending on the time you drop off your infected computer, it will be done the same or next day.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.