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How to remove Flashback Trojan Virus – How to remove Flashback Trojan Mac Virus

Macs don’t get computer viruses, right?  Wrong.  It’s just that they haven’t been targeted since PCs have dominated the IT market.  With the surging Mac sales, viruses are able to make more of a dent on their targets.

Welcome the latest Mac virus, the Flashback Trojan Virus.  Its initial infection has hit over 500,000 Macs and counting.  What does it do?  Is it serious?  Once infected, your Mac will connect to a remote site which will redirect your Internet sites.  It finds its way through Java.  So, if you have Java, you’re vulnerable. 

How do you know if you have the Flashback Trojan?  How can you remove it? You can follow the manual removal instructions for Flashback Trojan.  Yes, these steps look a tad daunting.  Don’t fret.  You can leave it up to the NYC Mac virus removal experts to take care of it for you.

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