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How to remove Yontoo trojan – remove Yontoo trojan – remove Yontoo trojan from Mac – How to remove Mac trojan

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Macs don’t get viruses, right?  Wrong!  A new trojan called Yontoo is the latest virus on Macs.

What does it do?  It tracks your browsing and pops up ads according to your preferences.  It’s more on the adware level and is not a serious trojan.  But, in time, it could slow down your Mac and gum up your Internet speed.

How do you get it?  It disguises itself as a plug-in requirement for your media player or other download manager.  If you click it to run, you’ll receive a “Twit Tube” program that will infect your Mac.  It runs in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

What’s the point?  The criminals behind it are in an ad-revenue ring, hoping to get you to click directed ads.  These ads will give them money instead of the supposed real advertisers.

How do you remove it? 

  1. Go to:  Macintosh HD->Library->Internet Plug-Ins and remove it.
  2. Also go to: Finder->Go->Library->Internet Plug-Ins and remove it.
  3. Quit, Exit and relaunch all your Internet browsers.

No Mac virus removal experience is necessary here.  Just three easy steps.

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