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How to replace TV cable with Internet service – replace monthly cable bill with Internet service – cable bill vs internet bill

Are you sick of your monthly cable bill?  Whether you use TimeWarner, Verizon, RCN, or other TV cable service, you don’t setup-internet-service-instead-of-cablehave to live with your heavy monthly bill.  You can replace it by just using Internet service off your computer.

Here’s how to watch TV via your Internet service to forgo your cable bill:

  1. Buy the Roku Player.  It’s $60 and will stream Hi-Def movies, TV shows, music, and Internet-based content.
  2. Get Netflix.  It’s less than $10/month and you’ll be able to watch over 20,000 movies, TV episodes, and videos.
  3. Buy Get Hulu Plus.  Watch all the TV season episodes for just $10/month.
  4. Get a good antenna.  Then, you’ll be able to actually watch basic channels from your TV.

The only thing you’ll miss is ESPN, cables news channels, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, and some other programs.  But, if you don’t mind watching these shows later, you’ll be able to check them out on Netflix and Hulu.  No tech service is needed here.  Just install, subscribe, and you’re on  your way to saving a lot per month.

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