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How to replace your MacBook Pro’s hard drive – mac repair guide

Replacing your hard drive on your MacBook Pro is easy.  You might need to do so if your hard drive is failing and requires data recovery.  Or you might want to just upgrade your hard drive for more storage space.  Whatever the case, the key to the upgrade is getting the right tools.  Two tools are needed:  a small, or jewerly-sized Phillips screwdriver and a Torx screwdriver, size T-6.  The Torx is not the type of screwdriver that is just laying around so you might have to go to Home Depot or a hardware store for this one.

Here’s how to replace your MacBook Pro’s hard drive:

  1. Remove the battery by pushing the two tabs on the bottom of your MacBook Pro.%image_alt%
  2. Open the RAM compartment by unscrewing the three small Phillips screws holding the RAM cover on.
  3. Then, remove the RAM by pulling on the metal brackets on the sides of the RAM.%image_alt%
  4. Crack open the case by removing: the four Phillips screws on the bottom of the case; two Torx screws inside the RAM module; two Phillips screws inside the battery compartment; eight Phillips screws, four on each side of the MacBook Pro; and two Phillips screws next to the hinges.
  5. Open the case by pushing the screen down and lifting the side of the keyboard up.
  6. With the case open, you’ll see the hard drive on the lower left.
  7. Remove the hard drive with a new one, making sure to reinsert all of the ribbons, cables and screws as the old one was secured.

If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the hard drive on your own, you should bring it to a Mac specialist or Apple certified shop.

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