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How to save website files to Google Drive – Easiest way to save website files to Google Drive – Google Drive how-to

NYC computer help - Google drive setup - New York Computer Help - 212-599-0339Google Drive comes with your Gmail or Google Apps account.  Basically, you start with a free online storage cloud space and can pay more for more space.  But, how can you use it?

Sure, you can log into your Gmail account and just save your Google spreadsheet, doc, or other file to it.  But, what if you’re not logged into the Gmail interface?  How can you save website files without being a computer expert or Google guru?  Yes, you can map a Google drive or do some other fancy computer setup, but who has the time?

Here’s the easiest way to save website files to the Google Drive?

  1. Install Chrome if you haven’t already.
  2. Make sure to log into Chrome under your Gmail account.
  3. Install Save to Drive as a Chrome extension.
  4. When you see a file or video on a website you like, just save it to your Google Drive by right-clicking the item.

The limitation here is that the Chrome extension targets just stuff on websites, such as audio, video, photos, links, and other site content.  It’s almost like Pinterest, but without sharing your files to the world.  Regular files, such as docs and spreadsheets will still need to be saved within your Gmail account or saved to another way.  But, if you’re doing a web search and want to better organize your search to the specific files on the sites you view, this one is for you!

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