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How to send bulk mailer? – How to send mass emailer? – How to send mass email? – Best free bulk email program – Best email blast

Sending a customer list email isn’t as easy as you’d think.  First of all, you don’t want each customer to see the other email addresses so anonymity is important.  Second, most email providers and Internet Service Providers cap each email to 100 recipients and 500 emails for the day.

I’ve just learned that Windows Live Mail allows for unlimited emails to be sent daily.  That means you can send 1,000’s of emails during the day for your bulk mass mailer.  This is great to have at your IT support arsenal, especially if you’d like to send out a marketing email out to your customers.

The best way to send your email list is through the Windows Live Mail webmail or online site.  Once you start configuring Windows Live Mail for Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mail, or another mail client, your Internet Service Provider may be involved with the IMAP or SMTP outgoing service.  Once that occurs, your email sending may be capped by the ISP.

For instance, Verizon caps emails per day to guard against possible botnet viruses or computer spyware.  Once a certain limit is reached, Verizon prevents further emails from being sent in case there is a virus in the email that is attempting to be sent out.  So, you’ll need to check on your ISP side to make sure you can leverage Windows Live Mail’s unlimited sending capability.

Of course, you can pay a monthly IT service charge to online bulk emailer websites, but if you can do it for free, why not?!  Remember to address your recipients in the BCC field of your mailer so that they are anonymous and just see your email account.  Then, draft your cool special, promotion, or info-emailer and you just created your own free mass email!

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