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How to set up 2 monitors in Windows 7 – Windows 7 repair

%image_alt%Setting up 2 monitors on your Windows 7 computer is a great way to be super productive.  And it looks cool too!  Although your video card comes with its own software for the video card setup, you can go an easier route through the native Windows 7 software.

Here’s how to set up 2 monitors in Windows 7:

  1. Install a video card that has 2 video inputs (a.k.a dual-head video), %image_alt%including: VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP
  2. Right-click your desktop and select Screen Resolution
  3. Left-click and drag where monitor 1 and 2 should be positioned.
  4. Under Resolution, 1280 x 1024 is recommended, but you can tweak it as is comfortable for you.
  5. Orientation should be Landscape or Portrait based on the style monitor you have.
  6. Under Multiple displays, choose Extend these display so both monitors will act like one.

That’s it!  The computer setup is pretty straight-forward, and Windows 7 computer repair experts need not apply.  Please note that if you have a high-end video graphics card, you can still go through the steps above to set it up for dual-video viewing, but you should go through the manufacturer’s software to take advantage of any advanced video features it comes with.

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