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How to share files between iPhone and Mac – file share between iPhone and Mac – Best way to share files between iPhone and Mac

Need to share files between your iPhone and Mac?  Sick of using iTunes?  Yes, there’s a better way.  Need to share files with Mac and iPhone

Here’s the best way to share files between your iPhone and Mac:

  1. Download DeskConnect on your iPhone and DeskConnect on your Mac.
  2. On your Mac, to go your Menu Bar where you’ll see the app.  Find your iPhone in the drop-down menu and choose what to share with your iPhone: photos, clipboard, websites, and/or documents.
  3. On your iPhone, you can tap on your Mac shared files to view them.  You can then share the same types of files with your Mac.

A cool factor is that if you map out directions on your Mac, it will share that exact page with your iPhone.  Playing devil’s advocate, logging into Chrome or Firefox will share the same bookmarked page.  However, this has an easier interface to play with.  The biggest competitor to DeskConnect is Dropbox.  Dropbox allows you to share files online to be viewed by all devices.  The plus on Dropbox here is that you can share multiple screenshots rather than the one-at-a-time variety with DeskConnect.  Other than that, straight file sharing between your Mac and iPhone are simple.  If you have a ton of devices to share with, including PC support, Dropbox is probably the better option IT solution to go with.

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