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How to speed up Mac Internet – Speed up Mac Internet – Upgrade Mac Internet / WiFi – Mac Internet is slow – Easiest way to speed up Mac Internet – Fastest way to speed up Mac Internet

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Is your Mac at an Internet crawl?  Websites are taking awhile to load and emails take forever to send or receive? 

Here are the steps to take to speed up your Internet on your Mac:

  1. Are you getting what you’re paying for?  Go to and see what your upload and download speeds are.  If you’re not sure what speed you’re owed, call your Internet Service Provider, i.e. TimeWarner or Verizon.
  2. Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and haggle.  While you’re on the phone with your ISP, see if there are any deals or free promotions that may upgrade your speed.  It happens and it’s all about timing.  If not, have them do a line test to make sure your signal is clear and as fast as possible.  Then, see if it’s a nominal cost or not to upgrade to the next fastest speed.
  3. Check your own wireless connection.  Chances are, you’re getting on the Internet via your wireless router.  If so, turn off and on your modem, wireless router and Mac.  Then, in this order, turn on the modem, then wireless router, then Mac.  The technical term for this is recycling the power.  That refresh may do the trick.
  4. Is your wireless router up to snuff?  You may need to lift your router up to a higher level to see your Mac for a stronger connection.  How old is your wireless device?  If over a year, and it’s flakey, then replace it.  They don’t last forever and they get faster every year.  The Airport Extreme is the way to go if you need a recommendation.
  5. Any snooping neighbors?  If you don’t have a wireless password set up on your router, assume the worst and that your neighbors are taking a ride on the free Internet highway.  That will clog up your speed so take care of this.
  6. Limit your Time Capsule backup frequency.  By default, Time Capsule backs up every hour.  That’s a lot and can slow down the works.  Change it up so it looks for any changes to back up every 8 – 10 hours or so.  By that time, you’ll be out of the house or sleeping.
  7. Empty your cache.  Like heavy, yellow plaque build-up, your Internet cookies and cache may build up and slowly retard the health of your system.  Clear your cache by going to Safari menu and select: Empty cache.  You can do the same for Firefox, Chrome, or another browser you’re using.

If these seven steps still don’t help, you should seek out an NYC Mac computer repair place to diagnose for further Mac service issues.  Your hard drive may be failing which is a common slow Mac symptom.  Or it could be something else that a Mac repair shop in NYC may find out.

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