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How to speed up slow Mac – How to repair disk permissions to speed up slow Mac – Speed up Mac

Mac repair in NYC - New York Computer Help
Mac repair in NYC – New York Computer Help

If your Mac is slow, you can take one minute of your time to speed it up.  It’s really not that hard nor rocket science and Mac genius bar certification is not required.  A quick Mac support tip is that you should try to repair your disk permissions first.

Why and what?  Let’s start with the what.  Your Mac hard drive has tons of software in it and it’s easy for software to get tangled up and have Mac issues.  Disk permissions ensures that permissions are restored properly to when they were working.

Why worry about this?  When permissions gets screwed up, files are linked and pointed to the wrong programs, files and sometimes rights and privileges of users.  It could cause slowness by the operating system balking when attempting to run programs.  It looks for the paths and it goes to the wrong ones which may have the Apple wheel spin longer than normal.  It’s confused and doesn’t know which way to go.  So, this will need to be fixed by repairing your disk permissions.

Here’s how to speed up your Mac by repairing your disk permissions:

  1. Go to Spotlight, your search field and type in:  Disk Utility
  2. Select your hard drive on the left
  3. Click on the Verify Desk Permissions button.
  4. Then, press the Repair Desk Permissions button.

By following these four steps, your permissions will be restored successfully and your Mac should run faster and smoother.

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