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How to speed up your Mac shutdown process – Mac shutdown too slow? – Slow Mac shutdown

slow-mac-shutdown-service-nycIt’s not always about having the fastest Mac start up process.  Yes, a car may go 0 – 60 in 4-5 seconds, but can it turn off?  It’s a little embarrassing if your car flies past another in a race to be left puttering out and unable to turn off the ignition afterwards.  The same applies for your Mac.  It may start up, but if you cannot shut it down there may be some things under the hood you should check out.

Here’s how to speed up your Mac shutdown process:

  1. Remove any peripherals.  If you have a USB cable, iPod, or another device connected to your Mac, it may be running some software in the background that stalls your shutdown.  Remove them gracefully before shutting down your Mac to avoid this.
  2. Remove the cache!  Over time, your mac will build up temporary files from where you save files and browse the Internet.  There are a few good Mac maintenance service software utilities you may use to remove these files, such as OnyX, MacCleanse, and MacPilot.
  3. Get rid of that pesky program in the background.  Go to Applications/Utilities and in the Activity Monitor press Command-1.  Click the CPU, System Memory, and Disk Activity tabs to check which resources may be hogging up your Mac and remove them before shutting down.
  4. Upgrade your Mac Maybe it’s time to upgrade your RAM or hard drive if running out of space.  If steps 1-3 don’t work, this is something to consider.

These are three ways to speed up your Mac at shutdown and you don’t have to be a Mac expert to follow this.

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