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How-to tips for using iBooks in OS X Mavericks – Mavericks iBooks tips – best Mavericks tips for iBooks

ibooks-mavericks-supportYou got Mavericks up and running on your Mac.  That’s great news.  Things may look a tad different.  iBooks is an application may not be on your priority list, but you should second-think its usefulness for school work or research projects.

iBooks works really well Mavericks support and is different than previous Mac supported operating systems.  For instance, you can now read and annotate books just like you can with your iPhone or iPad.  So, you can add notes as you go.  You can also open multiple books at once which is really useful for research and enhancing productivity.

Here are some tips to follow when using iBooks in Mavericks:

  1. Add highlights and notes – Just drag your cursor across the text and choose from the menu to highlight, underline, add a note, and copy the text.  This is an easy way to remind yourself of important sections to skim through later.
  2. View all your highlights and notes – You don’t need to scroll through the whole book to find your highlights.  Just click on the post-it note icon on the top-left of the page and you’ll see all your notes.  This is such a great time-saver.
  3. Jump to the next chapter – A two-finger swipe or the left and right arrow keys allows you to turn pages while hitting Command-Shift-Right Arrow allows you to jump to the next chapter.  You can go right back to where you were reading if you choose.

You don’t have to be an Apple store rep to follow these steps.  Very easy and a quick way to get around iBooks.

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