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How to use Facebook Search – how to use graph search – best / easiest way to use facebook search

NYC graph search setupAs if you didn’t have enough things to search:  Google Internet searches, Outlook / email searches, iPhone / Android and contact scouring.  Now, you have to worry about social media searching, or now what’s call Graph Search by Facebook. 

Do you really need to add this to your computer support arsenal?  What will Graph Search do for you?

Here’s what you can accomplish with Facebook’s Graph Search:

  • You can search for friends who work at specific companies.
  • While traveling, find out which friends are in the area.
  • TV shows that computer technicians like.
  • Games artists like.
  • Favorite music that Apple support folks like.
  • Movies people like who also like New York Computer Help.
  • A recruiter may look for friends who are co-workers of their targeted skill set.

What’s the easiest way to use the Graph Search?

  1. Go to the search field on top.
  2. Type in the following types of searches: “My friends who live in…,” “My friends who like..,” “My friends who work at..,” “Photos of my friends..,” “Places my friends like” and well, you get the drift.
  3. Or just enter a query and select the drop-down categories that include the graph search.

Who’s Graph Search good for?  Recruiters may be able to dig deeper by qualifying candidates through friends.  I can see a possible market in that like LinkedIn has.  Overall, it does broaden the whole social spectrum on Facebook where you can see what your friends like or if they are near you, a la Foursquare.  Not a bad search tool if you’re looking for an extensive search.

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