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How to use social media to get a job? – social media for work

If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, that’s just not enough to be noticed by potential employers.  You really have to be cognizant of how your online profile looks from a company’s perspective.  Did you brag about how many beers you drank with friends last night on Facebook?  Did you tweet about the prank you played on your friend?  All of these are negative points that employers may find when analyzing your background for a position.

Here’s how to use social media to get a job:

  1. Sign up for LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.  With Google+, if a potential employer searches in Google’s People Search (a.k.a. Search plus Your Word) for you, your profile may appear.
  2. Sell yourself.  If you’re looking for a specific job, such as Windows server administrator, tailor your profile to show what work you performed in the field.  Windows certified?  List it and input the Windows support logo if possible.  Think of your social identity as your resume to sell the world on your expertise.
  3. Don’t trip with your email address.  By all means, do not use an AOL, Netzero, Hotmail, Earthlink, Roadrunner, or Verizon account.  They look outdated and homely.  Use Gmail, Yahoo, Live, your own domain email account, or another fresher account.  Show that you are current and with it!
  4. Put yourself out there.  Upload a professional picture of yourself in a business suit.  Throw your phone number out there.  Yes, that sounds scary, but that’s just one more advantage you have over your competitors.  A quicker way to be contacted.  You can also sign up for Google Voice if uncomfortable with listing your own phone number.  Google Voice will give you a different number that will route to your line of choice as well as leave voice mails by email.
  5. Link away!  Look to gain as many connections as possible.  Put yourself in touch with as many networking opportunities as possible.  This will only open up the amount of exposure you’ll receive.
  6. Hide the bad stuff.  Go through your Facebook and Twitter accounts and remove any precarious pictures, videos, or posts by you.  Background checks may go as deep as investigating your social accounts.
  7.  Jazz up your email signature.  Anytime you email your resume, you should make sure your signature provides links to your LinkedIn account, website, blog, or any other professional link.  Advertise when you can!

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