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How to Use Technology to Optimize Memory Retention and Recall for Exams

College is pretty hard in general, and many young learners don’t want to go back to their studies as the summer ends. This is completely understandable, as not all students like learning and memorizing new information. Fortunately, you can use some modern technologies that will guide you in your studies! This will make your learning process much easier and less stressful.

Younger people are already using far more innovations for their routine tasks than previous generations could even imagine. Right now, your phone can do much more for your exams than you think. For example, you can use multiple apps to boost your memory or improve your general knowledge! In reality, the possibilities here are almost endless.

In the age of smartphones, tablets, and online connectivity, it’s pretty easy to forget that the main goal of technology is to help and not to distract. If you use these innovations with purpose, like for hiring a professional dissertation writing service, technology will definitely be your ally until you graduate. 

One of the best uses of technical progress for students is memory retention.

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Are you interested in spending less time and effort on preparing for your exams? Read on to learn about how to use technology to optimize memory retention and recall for exams!

Digital Note Taking

This is the first and the most obvious way of using your devices during your learning process. One of the first steps in effective memorization of info is organizing and taking notes during your classes. Of course, you can still use a pen-and-paper approach like before. Some researchers say that when you write something down, you will remember it better. But it’s still a lot of work!

Today, students want a quick and effective solution. They don’t have the time or any desire to carry around huge notebooks and write everything down word by word. It’s much more effective to use an application for creating and organizing your digital notes! You can easily categorize your notes by subject, topic, and date. They will also be easier to access when properly structured.

Here are some of the most popular note-taking applications for students:

  • Evernote
  • OneNote
  • Notion
  • Google Keep
  • Bear
  • Simplenote

Anki Flashcards

This is a specific app that falls into a very broad category of flashcards for studying. Generally speaking, flashcards are an amazing memory technique that helps lots of students with their memory retention right before the exams. You can still use any type of card, even the hand-written ones. On the other hand, Anki is much more convenient. Let’s take a look at why it’s so.

Unlike traditional flashcards, Anki’s algorithm determines when you need to review a card based on how well you remember it. Cards you struggle with appear more often, and those cards you know well are shown less frequently. This approach will boost your memory retention as it focuses on your weaknesses. It also offers shared decks, so you have a full library of cards.

Online Learning Platforms

Most students are already familiar with online platforms and university portals. They can upload their homework there, chat with other classmates, and ask questions directly to their professors. There are also platforms that allow you to learn at your own pace and revisit the materials. These platforms are basically an online library with useful lectures and interactive quizzes.

As you are preparing for an important exam, try to check out some of the online courses that are similar to your exam subject. You will quickly see that visual and interactive elements make it much easier to memorize information! Students can also track their progress and see if they need some additional help with something. Here are the most popular platforms for you:

  • Khan Academy
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Udemy
  • Educative

Mind Mapping Tools

This is a very effective visual technique that helps learners organize information. As you prepare for an exam, you will see how much info you need to write down and remember! With the help of mind mapping, you can create hierarchical diagrams and essentially maps of information. This will represent the connection between different ideas and concepts.

Mind mapping is a great tool for those learners who remember the information visually. You will clearly see the structure of your materials, so it will be easier to understand and remember. What’s easier than this is hiring the best dissertation writing services online, so you won’t have to worry about any deadlines at all! Together, these tools will make your exams a breeze. 

Digital Libraries

Unfortunately, the price of college textbooks is not dropping any time soon. Students don’t have a lot of money to spare on every useful book or class material. This is why online libraries and eBooks have truly changed the way students access study materials. You don’t have to carry heavy textbooks around, as you can download them on your smartphone!

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Convenience and portability are some of the many advantages of eBooks. Some devices allow you to highlight text and make annotations. You can also look for specific keywords and phrases in the text. Here are the most popular platforms where you can download any book that you will ever need to pass your exams:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Books
  • Project Gutenberg

Mindfulness and Meditation Applications

Even when you are getting ready for an exam, you can’t ignore your mental health. High levels of stress and anxiety can have a bad effect on your memory retention. Of course, it’s okay to be nervous before an important exam. This is why mindfulness apps can reduce some of the stress and help you stay calm during this difficult period of time in your life.

To Sum Up

Now you know about how to use technology to optimize memory retention and recall for exams! Technology can be your ally on this challenging journey. You can use it in your study routine and make sure that you will get the best grades possible! On the other hand, technology should be an addition to your study habits and not replace them completely.

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