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How to use Windows Easy Transfer for new Windows 7 computer – windows easy transfer for windows xp to windows 7

%image_alt%Installing a new Windows computer is fun.  Transferring the files and settings from your old Windows XP or Vista computer is not so much fun.  You have to copy over your files, reinstall your programs and reconfigure the whole computer to your personal delight.

There is an easy option, the Easy Transfer service within Windows 7.  With this, you can transfer all your old computer files and settings over.  Yes, you still have to install software on your new computer, but after you do that, all the settings will come across.  Think about how much time you’ll save with setting up Outlook and other software programs.

Here’s how to use the Windows Easy Transfer service:

  1. On your Windows 7 computer, go to Start->Getting %image_alt%Started->Transfer your files
  2. Insert an external hard drive or Easy Transfer cable.
  3. Select “This is my new computer.”
  4. Select “No” and “I need to install it now” to install Easy Transfer on your old computer.
  5. Choose “external hard drive” which will copy the Easy Transfer program to it.
  6. Go to old computer and select program on external hard drive to run it.
  7. Follow the easy file transfer instructions from there which is pretty self intuitive.

If you don’t care about your settings, then you can just copy your files over to your external hard drive, and then to your new computer.  But, if you have complex Outlook configurations, networking configurations, or otherwise, the easy transfer program is good to go with.  It makes the new computer setup a breeze.

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