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I need to have my iPhone screen fixed. If I have a third-party screen on it, will Apple still warranty it?


No.  Say you have a broken iPhone screen and decide not to have it fixed by Apple, but instead a third-party iPhone screen repair NYC shop, such as New York Computer Help If you break your screen again and go to Apple to fix it, they will go the cowardly route and say, “We are not fixing it because your screen is not from us.”  Yup, take the easy, non-helpful route Apple!

Basically, Apple is hands off if you get your iPhone repaired by another company previously.  Did you also know that a drop of Apple repair helpwater on your iPhone voids your AppleCare warranty.  Yup, anything that gives Apple a smidgeon of an opportunity to not fix your iPhone.  Even if you want to pay for your iPhone to have a new screen is not possible if the liquid water sensor is triggered.  Apple won’t touch it along with any other normal repair that is typically easy, but hard for them.   Just the other day Apple wanted to replace a customer’s logic board, but when the customer brought it to us, we just needed to replace his charging port which costs less than a 3-course lunch in NYC.

What gives with Apple?  The hard and fast rule from Apple is that any part on your iPhone that is not an Apple-coded part, such as the screen, voids any chance of keeping your AppleCare warranty.  All Apple screens are tagged so the Genius Bar knows what is “Apple” and what isn’t.  Now, we as an iPhone repair service company procure our screens from the same factories as Apple, but we don’t code them like Apple does as if we were Apple.  That’s the only difference.  All original and brand new.  It’s just Apple uses one more red tape (literally) policy to filter out doing more iPhone screen repairs.  Well, that’s what separates Big Brother from us.  We perform iPhone screen replacements in 10-15 minutes, accept all walk-ins, and fix iPhones much cheaper than Apple.  That’s our shameless plug and we’re proud of it!

So, the next time you’re deciding if you should go with Apple or a third party, go with the third-party.  It will be cheaper, faster, and just make sure there’s a solid warranty in place.  Heck, we know Apple’s warranty doesn’t help!

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    1. Haha, very funny. Yes, third-party manufacturers certainly get the brunt of it when it comes to Apple products.

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