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iastor.sys virus removal – iastor.sys error – intel rapid storage manager issue – fix iastor.sys issue

How to fix iastor blue screenOne of senior virus experts was working on a prominent restaurant’s computer this past Saturday.  He noticed a typical blue screen of death screen.  What he also noticed that has been found before, but I wanted to alert you to, is that the virus infected a file, iastor.sys, or the Intel Rapid Storage Manager.  This software came with the computer to manage the hard drive for power consumption and configuration.

The reason for bringing up this example is to show that blue screens from viruses may be prevented.  The computer user did notice the iastor.sys error message popping up on his virus alerts, but disregarded them since he was still able to work.  Only when the blue screen of death appeared (along with the iastor.sys error message) was when New York Computer Help go the call.  The take-home message here is that if your anti-virus software protection software is alerting you of a specific file that has been infected, take action  right away!  Either remove the virus or call on a computer virus specialist to take care of the virus removal.

There are a few steps to take to remove the virus that has infected your iastor.sys (Intel rapid storage manager) file.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Boot your computer into safe mode.  Restart your computer, keep tapping F8 and select Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Install latest driver update for your Intel rapid storage manager.  This may be found on the drivers section of your computer manufacturer’s website.  This will stop the blue-screening.
  3. Run scans from these spyware removal programs:  MalwareBytes, TSSKiller, and Combofix.
  4. Then, make sure you have an updated anti-virus software installed and run a full scan.

Steps 1, 3, and 4 may also be used for removing other blue screens caused from viruses.  But, it’s always key to take care of the exact file or files that were affected.  In our example, it was the iastor.sys file that needed to be updated in order to resolve the file corruption.

If you are still having issues, you can call upon New York Computer Help to send over a computer virus removal expert.

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