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%image_alt%If you’re a happy new iPhone 4s owner, you may not be a happy iCloud user.  Even if you have an iCloud issue, emailing Apple support may not be possible as several links to the Apple genuis folks have been broken, unuseable links.  Needless to say, if Steve Jobs were around, a familiar Mobile Me launch message would have been sent to Apple employees, “..This launch is not our finest hour.” 

If you attempted the upgrade to iOS 5, then you may be experiencing access to iCloud.  Or your new iPhone 4S is not able to get iCloud to work.

Here’s how you  can you fix the iCloud issue:

  1. Wait a few days.  The Apple servers are been overloaded with lots more iCloud content than expected.  Apple is working hard to make ample %image_alt%space for this content.  Plus, after a few days, the large amount of simultaneous uploading and syncing will be over, allowing more throughput for you to use iCloud.
  2. Don’t forget to turn on Photostream on your iPad and iPhone.

I’ve been hearing a lot of MobileMe account migration issues.  I’d recommend to back up any contacts or info from MobileMe before migrating this account to iCloud.  In general, a lot of the bugs and inaccessbility will be cleared up over the next couple of weeks, when the initial overloading computer issue is over.  I’m sure Apple will release an update to iOS 5 to fix the iCloud issues.  They better hurry up though.  The longer it takes, the more iCloud users will be jumping ship.%image_alt%

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