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If I win the lottery, I would buy – What is your tech dream? – Lottery tech dream?

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If I win the lottery, I’d want these tech gadgets…

If you were to win the lottery, it is normal to want a bigger house, the dream sports car, a luxury non-stop vacation, diamonds, and clothes.  But, what about tech support stuff?  Tech service gadgets kind of get snubbed when it comes to the finer things desired in life.  But, not me!  Being a tech geek, that’s probably one of the first things I’d go for if the winning lottery ticket just so happened to fall in my hands.

Here’s the lottery tech dream:

  • Wall-mount multiple iPads in every room, connect them together to make one big screen, and have them synchronized so that your show or email will be still be at the same point it was from the previous room.
  • Hire a DJ full-time to download all iTunes songs so you can decide from your iPad console or TV which genre to play, and then have them play all throughout your place.  Better yet, set up a Sonos-like system so that each room will play its own genre.  Yes, that can easily be done now, but winning the lottery will afford you the time to actually do it!
  • Have our Apple techs refocus their energies into actually creating better Apple products.  We’d actually introduce what we’ve been waiting forever for:  a whopping 55″ Apple TV and bigger 70″ model.  No time to wait for Apple on this.  Let’s get it done now!  And we’d produce an iPhone that will blow the Galaxy out of the water!
  • As a humanitarian effort, I’d truly like to replace a lot of the older computers and networks in schools with new ones.  Not just on a small scale, but really enough to make the public school system feel the tech upgrade.  Then, I’d like to upgrade the whole public school network so everything is collaborative and fosters growth by friendly competitive events.  Along with that, I’d like to integrate more technology classes into the school system since this is a big part of our everyday lives.

I don’t really have many other lottery tech demands.  I feel like I’m living the dream now with the best tech company, New York Computer Help.  I truly feel we have the most capable computer technicians who have the pure desire and motivation to better themselves and customers within our tech world.  Best of all, my team and I love what we do each and every day so it feels like we have already won the lottery.

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