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Instacart review – Does Whole Foods deliver? Now it does and with discounts

Instacart review - NYCI’m not one to sway from my tech topics, but this one deserves to be highlighted.  Plus, there’s a tech-edge to it in that it is does all online so I think I’m still in my tech-support bounds here.

Instacart!  As it sounds, you can instantly throw stuff in your cart and pay for it.  Sign in quickly and you’re able to buy from supermarkets in a pinch.  Whole Foods, Costco, and Food Emporium are the three grocery stores to choose from.  If you’re from NYC and you’re a supermarket junkie like I am, this is heaven for you.

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Sign in. Duh!
  2. Choose your Store.  Whole Foods of course!
  3. Select what you want to eat.  Goat yogurt for me.  I know, it’s not for everyone.
  4. Get a free delivery over $35.
  5. Best of all, get your delivery within 2 hours on your first order.  I’m not sure if the delivery time varies going forward.

I think this Instacart works better for Costco where it’s a schlep to get there and a pain to battle the long lines, cabs, and parking lot.  Buy in bulk and avoid the travel charges back and forth.

So, to sum it up, Instacart is a winner and worth trying at least once.

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