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Internet Explorer 7 – Tabbed browsing

Internet Explorer 7 is the newest release of Microsoft’s Internet browser to view websites.  When first released, this new version had stability problems, sometimes crashing systems or preventing site surfing.  However, IE 7 has been refined to resolve any initial glitches so that it is now recommended.

Internet Explorer 7 introduces tabbed browsing.  Yes, this feature may be found in Mozilla and other browsers, but this is a breakthrough with IE.  Tabbed browsing is the ability to still stay within the same webpage and open up another page without having to minimize the first webpage.  How do you get IE 7 and work with tabbed browsing?

First, make sure you have IE 7.  You can see if you already have it by clicking on Help and About Internet Explorer.  Your version will be displayed.  If you have it, great!  If not, download Internet Explorer 7.  Once you have IE 7, you may use tabbed browsing by first going to any website.  Then, press CONTROL key & the T key.  You’ll then see a new tab or small square box appear at the top of your web page.  Click the tab and you’ll be able to enter a new website.

Tabbed browsing is a big deal with IE 7.  Why?  IE 7 is the most secure browser out there compared to Firefox and Netscape.  Internet Explorer guards against more spyware and malicious threats that the other browsers don’t protect against.  Security along with great features, such as tabbed browsing, make Internet Explorer a great Internet browser to have.

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