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Internet Explorer 9 review – new york internet setup

Internet Explorer 9 is out.  Is it browser-worthy?  Should you use it?%image_alt%

The Beauty of the Web nickname may be validated by checking out its Internet Explorer 9 beta.  It will only support Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers.  Here’s my take on this new IE version.  First of all, the Internet setup was just as long as previous versions since it had to continually update itself.  Then, it was a bit irritating when it prompted for a reboot to complete the software installationCan’t Windows figure out how to to prevent a reboot?  That’s so Windows 98 of them!  The only good part from the install was Microsoft taking away the getting to know you wizard afterwards before launching the program.

Is the arduous IE 9 setup worth it?  The jury is still out and I’ll have to play with it more.  The most notable feature that is being touted by IE 9 is the new view on website and pinned tabs leanness.  It uses the Aero Snap functionality from Windows 7 for its view, providing the most real estate for viewing web pages.  This is nice as it minimizes borders and its interface so the web page may be seen at its largest view possible.  If you like a web page, you can pin it and drag it to your taskbar where it acts on the same scale as another application.The interface has been overhauled, with Favorites on the right-side instead of the left and other buttons removed or minimized to accomodate a more minimalist view.

Is it fast enough?  Microsoft has designed a more lean approach so opening new tabs are faster than before.  It even gives you a performance advisor, noting which plug-ins are taking longer to open than normal.  IE opens up faster with JavaScript and launches quicker.  There is, however, a download manager that although is helpful by scanning for computer viruses when downloading files, it might slow up the works.  This security vs. speed aspect has been a fine line IE has been treading for decades.  IE has been notoriously slower than other browsers since it has been more committed to preventing viruses or computer infections whereas Firefox, Chrome, and others have been more concerned with speed.  Hopefully, the download security protection will not gummed up the works with the new IE 9.

Time will tell if the IE 9 will be worth it.  I will continue testing it to see what kinds of websites it fares well with.  So far, so good, as I really enjoy the full-screen website view and pinned ability.  Without pinning sites to the taskbar, as before in IE 8, I lost sight of some of the websites.  Now, these pinned sites are easier to see.  As a side note, if you are running something other than Windows Vista or 7, you cannot run IE 9.  But, Chrome is very similar to the IE 9 style and that browser is recommended.%image_alt%

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