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iOS 6 Maps review – Maps review – iPhone Maps review – iPhone Maps specs – Maps vs. Google Maps – Should I use Maps?

%image_alt%The end of the iPhone Google relationship  means that the new iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad will not have Google Maps or YouTube as native apps.  Native meaning that they won’t come out of the box and default apps to use.  You can definitely still install these apps later.  But that’s not the point of this discussion.  We’ll get into the Apple app, Maps, that has replaced Google Apps and decide whether its worthy of ditching Google Maps.

Here’s how Maps is similar to Google Maps.  You’ll be able to search on both for points of interest, venues, phone numbers, and directions.

What’s the difference?  You’ll get Yelp reviews and voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and a new 3D map view.  The 3D map view is really gorgeous, especially on the iPad.  If a 3D map is not available, then something called Flyover, making you feel like Superman as you tap to fly over buildings one-by-one.

Overall, Maps is an improvement over Google Maps, and you don’t have to be an Apple guru or iPhone expert to know how to use it.  I think that once you use it, you’ll find you’re not missing much by not having Go0gle Maps readily present any more.

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