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iOS 7 review – New iOS 7 features – iOS 7 release date – iOS 7 download

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Apple is looking to make a comeback.  Its stock is down and naysayers think Apple is going downhill after Steve Jobs’ death.  How can Apple stop all the negative talk?  It is taking a big step by releasing iOS 7.

iOS 7 is hopefully going to quash all the negative talk about the Apple service.  It has a fresh design.  Not a 3-D one, but a more retro icon-look.  The simplified look will be easier on the eyes.

Here are the new iOS 7 features to look out for:

  • iOS 7 Camera App – New filters, the ability to share full photo collections and history.  Move over Instagram!
  • iTunes Radio – Don’t worry, the radio is still free.  Now, it can learn your tastes over time and recommend songs.
  • Apple Control Center – Now with remote control over AirPlay, brightness, music, bluetooth, and airplane mode.
  • Smart Multitasking – Get small previews of what apps you have up for easy navigation.
  • AirDrop – No need for NFC like the Android when you can use AirDrop for sharing photos, contacts, and videos.
  • Safari Redesign – New 3-D animated tabs, save passwords, logins, and reading lists via iCloud.
  • Siri – Choose a male or female and it is supposed to field more common questions.

Overall, iOS 7 is giving the Apple support devices a big overhaul.  It’s about time.  I’m excited to work with the smart multitasking and new Safari look.  That will not only save on the battery, but probably make it easier to navigate.  Be on the look-out for the download this fall.

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