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iPad 5 release date – When is the iPad 5 coming out – iPad 5 launch date – iPad 5 specs – What’s new with the iPad 5 – What will iPad 5 look like

New York Computer Help - iPad support tips, repairs, help
New York Computer Help – iPad support tips, repairs, help

The iPad 5 is almost out.  It is expected to be out by the end of 2013 and as early as the end of the summer.  Last year’s iPad iPad-5-release-date4 was released in November 2013, but the Apple engineers are looking to keep its foothold in the tablet market strong by releasing the iPad 5 as fast as possible.

  • Lighter and thinner.  How?  The iPad 5 will remain the typical 9.7″ retina display, but will have a more efficient LED light bar system inside with only one LED light bar instead of two which the other iPad models have.  Less parts, less weight.
  • You’ll see higher resolution with the IGZO display.  What the heck is that?  Indium gallium zinc oxide, a.k.a. much better resolution.
  • Better camera.  More color balance and correction options.
  • Possible additions.  Vibrate mode and frame flexibility.

When the iPad 5 comes out, expect the iPad mini and previous iPad supported models to go down in price.

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