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iPad mini review – iPad mini vs Kindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD – iPad mini vs Nexus 7 – iPad mini vs. Nook HD

Should you buy an iPad mini or another tablet?The iPad mini is finally out and will be officially available by online orders on Friday, October 26, 2012.  So, why did the Apple stock plummet upon its release?  Investors, consumers, and well, everyone expected it to be priced near other tablet models, such a the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Nook HD.  Instead, the Apple support crew did what it always has done.  It didn’t compromise its quality for pricing.  Basically, Apple positioned itself as a Mercedes does among the Honda’s and Toyota’s of the world.  It is charging more for the name, and standing by that reputation to give the belief that it if it’s more expensive, it most be better.

Here’s a breakdown of how the iPad mini compares to its competitors:

iPad Mini review - rate - comparison with other tablets

Initial pricing targets were hopeful that the iPad mini would be released at $250 which I believe would have it jumping off the Apple store shelves.  Instead, it starts at $329, putting it $130 higher than competing tablets.  This is a major factor that will have consumers, including myself, wondering if that extra margin is that much better than the others.  Apple is banking on its name and vast Apps store.

As an aside, the iPad mini also brings with it a whole new line-up of MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac lines which will be discussed in future blogs.  For now, most noteable, is that the new iPad, or 3rd generation iPad is dead!  The Apple iPad service guys decided to replace this line, effective immediately, for what’s called the iPad with Retina display.  This new iPad model has the same Retina display found on the MacBook Pro line and is, in many cases, a better resolution than your HD TV.  I like that the Apple tech crew is proactive with its lines, but as a consumer and fanatic, it’s getting increasingly dizzying to keep track of all of the products.  In any case, all these new lines allow for easier findings of refurbished older models to buy at cheaper rates.

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